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KnowItAll U provides every student and faculty member campus–wide access to 1.4 million spectra (IR, Raman, NMR, MS, UV-Vis) via KnowItAll AnyWare™ browser interface. And if your license also includes KnowItAll Desktop Software, you can perform advanced analyses, NMR prediction, structure drawing, reporting, and more.

The demo movies provide an introduction to select tools for KnowItAll U users. Tools available depend on the options your school has selected. Note also that the movies may vary slightly from your software if you are using a diferent version.
Select Demo Movies Time Version
KnowItAll U: Introduction to the Windows Client 3m:57s 7.8
How to Perform a Basic Spectral Search 3m:01s 6.0
How to Search a Database of Spectra or Chromatograms by Peak 3m:53s 6.0
How to Predict NMR Spectra 4m:03s 6.0
AnalyzeIt MVP - Overview: A KnowItAll Application for Multivariate Processing 7m:32s 7.0
Perform Basic Analysis of IR & Raman Spectra Using Functional Group Analysis 4m:07s 6.0
Access full list of demo movies
Webinar Recordings Time Version
Introduction to KnowItAll U 12 min 9.5
KnowItAll U 101 - Introduction (for KnowItAll Users) 31 min 9.5
KnowItAll U 102 - Advanced Features (for KnowItAll Users) 32 min 9.5

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